LIGHTING (UPLIGHTING)- perfect for any venue or any type of event from weddings to corporate presentations. $30 each 

VIDEO PROJECTOR and LAPTOP PACKAGE- front or rear projector with laptop for presentation displays. Can be tied into sound system. $200

LARGE SPEAKER RENTAL- includes two Electro Voice ZLX-15 1000 watt speakers. Includes delivery, setup, and breakdown. $150

Day rate includes 12 hours. Delivery, setup, and breakdown is included in the entire quote. Customized quotes are available depending on the event, duration, and how much gear is required. Please call us at (207)451-7656 to ask for the custom rate and discuss your event.

MEDIUM SOUND SYSTEM SPEAKER RENTAL- includes one Mackie Thump 1000 watt speaker with stand, mic cables, and cords to attach to iPad/tablet. Perfect for parties, wedding ceremonies, smaller conferences that don't need a large sound system. Includes delivery, setup, and breakdown. $150


CORDED MICROPHONES- SM 58 with 25' XLR microphone cable and mic stand- $25 each


SOUND MIXERS- 4 input mixer $50. 8 input $75. 16 input $100 

COMPLETE SOUND SYSTEM/ PA SYSTEM- perfect for conferences, seminars, and many other events.  Includes two Electro Voice ZLX- 15 100o watt loudspeakers, two speaker stands, wires, eight input sound mixer, Shure wireless microphone, and Shure wired microphone with mic stand. Delivery, setup, and breakdown included. $350